General ebay names.

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General ebay names.

Mar 31, 2005
Newcastle upon Tyne.
just wondering if the panda owners of the forum could leave they ebay names on this thread (or PM me), so we dont start bidding against each other. i ask this because i have seen a couple of things on ebay that i would like, but dont want to bid against fellow FF'ers :)

edit - by the way, i am 5572paulb (well my sisters fiance is).
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I had a couple of problems on eBay recently Chris. There are to many idiots on eBay and they won't do a thing about it. Also, the Royal Mail lottery is at a point where things were taking days longer than they should to arrive, some didn't arrive at all and I had to refund money just to keep my feedback good.
I always send everything recorded delivery, then you should have comeback from either the Royal Mail or the buyer.