Ebay item - real deal or get rich quick?

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Ebay item - real deal or get rich quick?

Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
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I very sorely doubt it is a genuine version. It has to be a copy - no one in their right mind would sell even a genuine copy of XP Home for 15 quid!
Yeah did wonder about the feedback. Guess thats one to avoid then.

Annoying as there was a guy selling a genuine copy, with CoA and everything but its been pulled by ebay. Can't find out why. Can't email the guy to ask or anything :(
dave said:
look for an educational version they real and usually cheaper.

But you should then need to prove that you are involved in education, e.g. student or teacher :)
Hellcat said:
Can't believe people can charge for XP Pro - There are so many copies going around you must live in a small village indeed if you don't know someone with a dodgy copy!

Thats the price on the dodgy local market stalls - I source my own, ie download via the 'net! ;)

Whats media centre based on anyway - home or pro?
Someone told me Media Center Edition was Windows Pro with extra that that MCE was not as good because the extras wern't really useful and that it had unwanted bugs and was slower as a result.

What does MCE do that Pro don't?

e.g I know Pro is better for networking the Home and I think it has more drivers in the OS then home but what is good about MCE?
GhostWKD said:
XP Pro keygen hacks etc dont work no more trust me took me ages of struggling to get this copy to work :eek: ended up using the genuine key lol :p

Yes they doooo :p but you need to start off with an Install from an EARLY version of XP e.g Build 2600 all the ones after this have dodgy keys added to the Database on the disc and wont install :cool:
faster4_tec said:
windows is a con anyways! burn gates and use mac's instead, either that or usea complex system of nod's and shakes to commuinicate long distance!

I just hate the whole way microsoft do business, I.e they don't

i agree :D

im typing this on a mac*

*keyboard :p anyone want the rest of it :D