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Apr 21, 2006
south east wales
i'm going to get a hid conversion off ebay as there much cheaper than anywhere else, are ther eany sellers i should stay away from? and are 6000k the best to get?
nobody bothered to reply.,lol

well i will so, Yeah id go with the 6000k or less, if you go higher than that then the light that comes out is a lot blue-r looking and it doesnt light the road very well, Beau has HIDs that are from ebay iirc so you could ask him where he got his and what he thought of them, im not sure of the quality of them but other than the usuall "my mates mates car went on fire" stories you here abour anything from ebay I havent heard any disaster stories.,
6000k pure white, higher number are blue lower are a bit yellow. i got 2 sets of 6000k one lot i bought off here and a bulb has now died after only 1 year, other set off ebay and are fine so far.

ive ordered a new set of bulbs off ebay from hong kong so am going to fit that kit to her car
warning, if i find out where you live i'll smash your lights you dirty evil illegal HIDer
the legalities of it were battled out last year, and the result was, erm, unless you have a car that *could* be factory fitted with them (e.g a stilo) and then buy the HID kit, then buy the actual HID housing from the upgraded stilo, with its headligt washers and/or self levelling (to prevent flair, which is what jug is banging on about, and tis true) then its illegal.

by which time you've spent...
£100 for kit
£2-300 for headlight housings (thats new because they are rare as funk).
£2-500 for other fittings and electronics for the levelling (legal requirement)

you might as well just have sold your stilo, and bought a fancier one in the first place :cool: