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Mar 23, 2002
just wondering did any one get the easy go system on the stilo.I am thinking of fitting one on my 1.6 dynamic.How much did it cost and how is it fitted.Thanks
I was told its not yet available, I couldn't get it on my Stilo, hopefaully being built as we speak. The likely date quoted was May onwards. I don't know if they can be retrofitted, I suspect not. As an option its £260
I was told the same when I ordered my Stilo, that it wouldn't be available until late May / early June. BTW Malcolm, when did you order your Stilo. I ordered my Abarth on March 11th and was given an estimated delivery date of May .. he couldn't be more exact than that as I wanted some extras ( skyroof etc ) so it had to be factory built. What's the typical wait time on Fiat's ?? I hoping it will arrive earlier.

Ordered 21 March, I also wanted sky roof and Broom Yellow, (but didn't bother with leather or electric seats. The latter especially with memory etc seems excessive price,) so build necessary. I spoke to dealer today he said it has now been built and is on the boat, estimates now as end of April. Apparently the dealer can track the progress of the order.
Yeah, just heard from my dealer today that my Abarth isn't even in production yet, a month now since I ordered. He's now given me a delivery date of end of May but in his words that was just an educated guess. Hope the wait is worth it !
Spoke to my dealer today - Fiat are not launching the easy-go in the UK. They've decided against it for some reason.