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Aug 9, 2005
Anyone notice last night that they picked on a poor wee old Panda :(?

They had it conk out at the traffic lights, and then took an age getting it going again... just to hold up Dot and Pauline... I could think of a number of other cars they could have picked on...
Oh dear and this is the honest truth.

I was wathcing it with my mum last night and said "I wonder who will be sad enough to post they saw a panda on eastenders"

Looks like youre it :p :D PMSL :D:D:D

Sorry :eek: ;)
Why should that matter? Lots of people have read this thread... :nerner: :nerner: :nerner:

HaHaHa! :p :p
they dis the fiat we spoil the plot :(

IT'S the TV whodunnit that has teased and tantalised EastEnders fans for
weeks: Who killed Dennis Rickman?

Yes, gangster Johnny Allen ordered the hit, but viewers have been in the
dark about who stabbed the dad-to-be in cold blood. Until now.

Nigel Harman's gruesome exit has set in motion one of Albert Square's
darkest storylines.

Over the next two months, the saga develops like something out of a
Quentin Tarantino movie.

So look away now if you don't want to know what happens...

The Mitchell brothers are tied and beaten up by Johnny's hoodlums. The
killer himself is gunned down and killed by his brother.

Johnny's daughter Ruby saves a treble murder by persuading her dad to
hand himself to police.

During the amazing climax the identity of the killer will be revealed as
Danny Moon (Jake Maskall) in one of the soap's greatest twists.

Viewers will be stunned that Danny is not dead, after scriptwriters
hinted Allen (Billy Murray) bumped him off months ago.

But now it turns out Johnny decided to spare Danny's life - in case he
came in useful. And that's not all.

Danny may be the man who murdered Dennis and condemned his pregnant wife
Sharon to a life of misery - but it was Johnny who ordered the stabbing.
In Albert Square, you never get away with your crime scot-free, and Phil
Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is determined to make Allen pay for what he
did to Sharon and Dennis.

Handily for Phil, Grant (Ross Kemp) arrives back on the scene just in
the nick of time.

The showdown between the bitter rivals will be screened in a week of
special episodes shot entirely on location at Allen's new country house.
He leaves Albert Square this month to start a new life with Ruby (Louisa

But, of course, it's not long before his past catches up.

Just before Dennis was killed, he gave Johnny a thrashing which left him
almost unconscious - but handed him a lifeline by throwing him his

Johnny was able to make a last call before falling unconscious - to

An insider reveals: "Danny is desperate to get back in with Johnny so
when he is given the task he doesn't hesitate. But Johnny needs to be
sure and so threatens Danny with death if he doesn't carry out the

"He's not far away and minutes later he arrives to stab Dennis and slip
away as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve.

"Johnny recovers in hospital and has the perfect alibi for Dennis's
murder so thinks he's in the clear - and decides to make a fresh start
elsewhere with Ruby."

But Phil is furious his attempts to get at Johnny led to Dennis's death,
and is guilt-ridden for what it has done to his friend Sharon.

With Grant in tow, he sets out to finish Allen once and for all - but
somehow his enemy knows he's coming and is prepared.

The source explains: "Johnny is forewarned and forearmed after enlisting
Danny's help once again.

"They are able to overpower the Mitchells and get them tied up, but no
one could have predicted what happens next.

"As Danny prepares to murder the Mitchells on Johnny's orders, his
brother Jake (Joel Beckett) steps from the shadows and shoots him dead.

"It falls to Johnny to try and grab the gun and kill the Mitchells and
Jake himself, but help arrives from another unexpected source.

"Ruby pleads with her dad not to commit more crime and to instead turn
himself in to the police.

Somehow her plaintive cries hit home and Johnny relents, handing himself
in to the authorities."

The week-long special will be on BBC1 at the end of March.
:life: :sucks: :life: :sucks: :life: :sucks: :life: :sucks: :life: :sucks: :life: :sucks:
Its not real you know!!:eek:
Its pretend!:bang:

& its Crap

sammiboo said:
I was wathcing it with my mum last night and said "I wonder who will be sad enough to post they saw a panda on eastenders"
Personally I find it sadder that people watch Eastenders at all.... ;) :p