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General Ducato Code Bypass - HELP


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Jan 28, 2006
Problem with a Ducato Code System. How can you bypass this?

I have a 1996 2.5 Diesel Ducato that was running well, until helping jumpstart another vehicle. Whilst connecting the jump leads the positive snapped off the Ducato before the negative was even connected. The engine then stopped due to the key not now being recognised. Since this is a old van meant to be for local collections I do not have the red key just a black one, and of course not the code card.

Anyway to rectify the problem - or a bypass - the whole van is so simple surely there must be a way to cut it out of the loop.:bang:
Yes I did read that before I posted - but I had heard there was a bypass for older vans. This is not a turbo and only has a basic engine in it , with very little electrics anywhere. to expect a non bypassable fuel pump controller seems unlikely.
Yes there is a bypass method (personally do this alot) as mentioned but in the interests of 'security' its best not mentioned here.Local dealer or diesel pump specialists like Lucas will perform this for you.
Miracles happen.

Contacted the original owners of the van (ie those who had the big advertising paintjob done) and not the person who sold it to me.

They happened to have the Red Key & the code card!!!

After resetting the electrics the master key managed to start the van - and then reprogrammed the slave so it now works again.

So much for longshots!:)
well done getting the red key has just increased the value of you vans trade in price as it costs £900 ish to supply and fit a new key kit
Have Fiat stopped issuing red keys now??

A colleague of mine has a nearly new grande Punto and doesn't have one??

Hi mate,

Yes new fiats DO NOT come with a red key. The red key was only used on the old "code 1" system.