Technical Ducato 2014 2.3 stalling under load

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Technical Ducato 2014 2.3 stalling under load

Jan 22, 2018
Ashford Kent
Problem. Stalling under load.
Fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet 2014
Engine code F1AE3481D
Hello fellow Fiat owners.
Looking for some guidance here.
If your sitting comfortably let me begin.
Purchased van new 2014. Had first service at 10k. second at 30k third at 60k. All at main dealer.
First started causing a problem just before 60k service. When under load at any speed the van suddenly jolts and instantly picks up again. Feels like an engine stall.
Dashboard reads “Hill Holder Unavailable”. “Check engine”. Sometimes the engine symbol will come on and there is a loss of power sometimes not. Following the jolt, a couple of minuets later, a large amount of smoke can be seen being emitted from the exhaust. This will last 30 seconds then clear.
Sometimes the engine will pick up but most times I need to stop turn off ignition and wait five minutes.
Vehicle always starts on the button no matter he whether from cold or after these events.
Main dealer diagnosis (without any testing I might add), that it needs all new injectors. Estimated sum inc vat TWO Thousand pounds !!!!!
Only the main dealer has worked on this vehicle
This makes little sense to me. The van will run like a dream most of the time. Surely if injectors were a problem it would be lumpy or have difficulty in starting.
Losing faith with main dealer so I had a local garage put a code reader on it and the fault codes are as follows
Engine management
P0089-78 High pressure fuel system -alignment or adjustment failure
P0172-64 Air/fuel ratio plausibility-signal plausibility failure
Undocumented codes
B2F15 – Unknown
B10AA-4A Check configuration failed – incorrect component installed.
B1001-96 RKE Fob- Component internal Failure
Any pointers would be helpful.
Thanks in advance Wiiliam
Thank you for your reply.
Had leak off test done at main dealer . Dealer claims 4 new injectors needed , but was unable or unwilling to provide any information as to why all four would fail simultaneously, and then run perfectly ok.
I have found another fiat ducato owner with the same symptom. He had four new injectors at 20k ( vehicle just over two years old and out of warrantee) and is now having another 4 at 35k! . Anyone with any thoughts this might be.
Get leak off test done again and ask for a photo of results you will see for yourself ,if they are faulty you can get them cheaper that 2k but I would advise you to get your ecu software checked for update 1st
Well from what your saying main stealer renewed all even though it was probably only one. Then it happened with another person..
Now the explaination of this after reading about this happening with others is Main dealers are just not taking leak off tests as plausible. They may find one with highest leakoff and that one would be blamed and replaced. But they are defining on fault may come up in another few weeks time and they would have it thrown back at them..
Save money go cheaper.

But saying this at least they got the fault down to injectors and not turbo, actuator, EGR, bypass valve, etc...

I am having the exact same problem. It does seem, however, the problem is intermittent and seems to occur after I buy fuel from certain garages. One in particular, and which I now avoid, is a well-known establishment that might begin with T. That’s all you’re getting, but every little helps (cough).

Anyone else had this issue and if so, please share a solution.
i,m very dougtful that any particular fuel would cause a problem any more than any other-more likely that fuel preessure changes on a full tank?
the uk has quite good fuel quality made to a basic BStandard with additives added by each different vendor of the fuel.
I know this post is over a year old, but having recently bought a 2012 Ducato 2.3 150 Multijet, I started to suffer similar symptoms as the OP - i.e. under load -such as accelerating or climbing a hill, the engine would give a massive jolt and usually go into limp mode (but not always). The engine would always start first time (hot or cold) and idle correctly.
Anyway, I had the same fault code 'P0089-78 High pressure fuel system -alignment or adjustment failure'.
On the advice of the garage that read the fault code, I took it to a diesel specialist who diagnosed that the solenoids 0f injectors 1-3 were shorting to earth when warm (No. 4 cylinder was fine). I ordered 3 new injectors from them and decided to fit them myself - which was very straightforward. The new injectors then needed coding to the ECU before initial start up. Glad to say she runs absolutely spot-on now and pulls like a train right through the rev range.