Ducato 2.8 JTD timing belt kit identification

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Ducato 2.8 JTD timing belt kit identification


Jul 18, 2012
Hello, i am looking for some help with my timing belt replacement id. My story goes that i have a 1995 tag axle motorhome (origionally from germany "euramobile). When manufactured the van had a 2.5 engine but was replaced by the previous owner and upgraded to a 2.8 JTD unit which was removed from a written off 2004 panel van. Apart from the info above i have no registration number of the donor van and so am not sure which timing belt kit i require. I have been looking on ebay for a Gates kit but the first thing suppliers ask is the reg number which i dont have. I have uploaded a picture of the timing end of the engine and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction or give me any info on an engine type of model so i can move forward. Any info much appreciated. Cheers, Mark


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If the dates you have given for the van the engine came from then it is either

Iveco 8140.43n


Iveco 8140.43s

Thanks for the info. I cant see any numbers on the block but it is fairly dirty. Is there a particular place where they are usually stamped?
Thanks jackwhoo, i will look into it with those numbers. I was told it was defo a 2004 box van and is a 2.8 jtd having electronic injectors. I can upload more engine pics if required.
Also are all the turbo's the same on the 2.8 jtd of this year? The turbo has a split on the exhaust side and so needs replacing too but the number on the turbo 045161 doesnt seem to match anything on ebay. the nearest seems to be 454061
Cheers. mark
Fiat called it 2.8jtd
But it was made by sofim

Google sofim 8140 lots of interesting info.
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Another thing you can do is measure the belt width, count the number of teeth and measure the teeth pitch. From this on can the get the belt length and then confirm with an approximate measurement of the belt length with a bit of string.

That done measure the diameter of the tensioner pulley.

With this data look up the various makes such a Gates, Delco, etc. for the 2.8 engine models looking for a data match. Many mfg kits list belt number of teeth, length, pitch, etc.
Hi all, update on kit. Its the 8140.43 engine and the kit i purchased from ebay was listed as for the 2.8D 200 onwards 230,244 chassis. Belt was 30mm with 152 teeth and came with white markers on the belt to line up with the crank and cam timing marks so was easy enough. Kit also included tensioner pully and idler pully and was £45.00

There are posts on here regarding fitting the cam belt and idlers.
Gates kit ref is K015334

Thanks everyone for all your input.