General Dual Logic goes into neutral - by itself

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General Dual Logic goes into neutral - by itself


Sep 10, 2005
Surbiton, Surrey
Twice this morning, the gearbox shifted itself into neutral. Both times we'd been waiting at lights for a while, in 1st gear. Embarrassing, possibly dangerous. Is it supposed to do this?
Did it actually go into neutral i.e. when you pressed the accelerator pedal there was no drive or dd the display show "n"

Reason I ask is my dualogic on a couple of occasions has displayed "gearbox fail" along with the rev counter going off. Still drove and changed gear normally. I found that operating the screen washers restored the status quo so I'm still on the hunt of a poor earth somewhere.
yeah its common, to prevent the clutch plate from burning as when you stop the clutch paddle (as in manual) is not fully depressed but somewhere in between. if this happen too long it might burn the plate. that why it automaticlly deactivate itself when you stop for a certain period.
To answer the various questions:
PandaUK - It did display N, and the buzzer buzzed too. I've had the 'gearbox fail' too, again a couple of times within a few minutes, but only once a few months ago
T14086 - Traffic lights seem to be on red for ages these days, but no way was it five minutes.
ahhl - thanks for the info, odd thing is that I've done this same journey lots of times and never noticed it happen before. I don't put it into neutral at traffic lights etc - should I?
I would of suspected/assumed around 2 minutes but tech manual deff says five unless info is wrong,to be honest I have never tried it but next one that comes in i'll time it & let you know.