Driving test!!!

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Driving test!!!


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Mar 14, 2006
Well, i may be a bit long in the tooth for a learner (ripe old age of 22), but i've finally got my act together these last few weeks and sorted out some driving lessons :)

The last nine weeks (3 lessons a week lol i'm not that bloody good!) have flown past, and i'm off for my driving test in 31 minutes :eek:

Hopefully all will go well, though i know the majority fail their 1st test, so not too much pressure. If i do pass though, i'll be off to drive my punto all on my own this afternoon :cool:

Wish me luck boys and girls (y)
22 isn't old I did not start learning until I was 47:eek:

Anyway best of luck hope you beat my 4 attempts :eek:

Good luck chap.

1st time pass no probs........it was the bloody theory test that got me.
Hehe, i've had two hours more tuition than you helpmeimonfire, so i should be fine right? ;)

Here's hoping anyway :)

Thanks a lot everyone for the good luck wishes, what a great forum, you really know how to treat your newbies (y)

Hopefully i'll be reporting back with good news in a couple hours :)

Right, 7 minutes, must dash :D
I wish my test was.. all done and gone and I had passed.. shame i'm only 16..
god damn hurry up age!!!:cry:

ps. I feel sorry for Beau. Much longer to wait (n)

PPPPPPPPPPS.... Hope you passed mate!!:rolleyes:
MATT 68 said:


gutted to be honest. major on 'meeting other traffic', cars parked both sides of road, i shoulda held back for the approaching car as he was there first, but since he'd practically stopped, i just carried on.

tits :bang:

oh well, 10 days til i can try again. everything else was spot on, (well, pretty much) so i'm confident for next time at least.

not much comfort at the moment though :mad:
Sorry to hear that chap. Try not to get too downhearted though, another couple of hours practise in before the next one, to keep fresh, and you'll nail it.
Ah well, its good that you're saying where you went wrong and not...'Stupid f*cking examiner failing me for no reason' etc etc... (y)

10 days isnt a long wait, I remember when my mates failed they were waiting over a month for a re-test!
That's a shame but good luck with your re-take. At least you've got a better idea of how they expect you to drive.