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Yeah, if you think you've messed anything up, just try and completely forget about it (easier said than done!) and carry on. I failed 2 tests by worrying when I thought I'd already failed on something. Turns out both times the things I thought I failed on were minors and I failed on something afterwards.

Also, theres no shortcuts to passing a driving test, if you are ready you will pass. Good luck dude (y)
Dont get cocky i.e saying to your mates 'ill give you a lift when i pass me test' cos you will fail unless you are a jammy git. My mates said those words and failed twice!!

Have some kalms in the morning to calm your nerves.

Make chit chat with the examiner, the time passes quicker.
allready bought my firts car the day before my driving test..:)
My drving instructor told me not to tell that to the examiner..:bang:

I failed at parralel parking, atleast I thought I did, but the examiner told me it was good enough.
Funny thing was I took 1 lesson right before my test (an hour lesson and an hour test) and the route we drove, was the exact route I had to drive on my test, even the places where the examiner told me to parralel park, turn on the street, and do a hill test..:D
Passed after 15 lessons, but the wrinten exam took me a while longer, took me 3 test for that..:bang:...:cry:

But indeed talk to the guy he wont bite your head of, and it wil shure make the time go faster.
Other than that, take it easy, becarefull and show that, meaning that you make shure your examiner sees you looking, and noticing the things around you..
Good luck m8..
Don't worry the first time I took mine I was told I was perfect driver should pass 1st time etc... the test bloke told me to turn left and I carried straight on :spin: then I stalled then I curbed it (twice) :eek: then whilst reversing round a car the bloke was shouting at me for taking too long, and I had to point out that a car had pulled out just behind me that he hadn't spotted, he was not a happy bunny :mad: then on the drive back I curbed it again, and missed the entrance to the test center! :cry:. It was absolutely horrendous, esp since I'd never curbed it before in my life and I usually got shouted at for doing manouevers too quick!
Well good luck (y) if it goes well then wicked, if not just think, at least it didn't go as bad as Jess's!
Helz said:
My tip is to remember to actually take the Kalms/ Rescue Remedy/ whatever...
Available from a friendly pharmacy in Carlisle...
Anyway, my advice would be to try and relax. I stalled pretty early on my test, and thought I'd fail because of that, so I just relaxed (because I failed anyway), which probably helped.
And I passed first time, with about 7 minors. :) (My then girlfriend passed her test a few years later, and got fewer minors, and frequently reminded me of this. She seemed to forget she took 3 or 4 goes to pass her test :rolleyes:)
Make sure you have breakfast or dinner depending on the time of your test.
I also had a lesson right before my test and the route i did was the route i did on the test.
Remember if the examiner on the show me tell me checks asks you how would u test the lights, remember to show him/her the rear number plate lights, as well as the front and rear lights. The examiner told me he was very pleased to see i check those lights :)

Good luck
the wife just passed her test two weeks ago and she was over the moon

the only advice i can really say is be urself and dont try and be careful of pedestrians aswell they can just cross infront of you without looking ?


p.s good luck

make sure yu are wearing comfy shoes.
If u wear glasses or contacts make damn sure u bring them! I forgot and they nearly didnt let me take it at all, it **** me up for the actual driving, i blame that on why it was such a calamity case... :shakehead What time is your test
When I took my test the Rochdale test centre had just closed, so I had to take my test in bury. In the hour lesson before my test I had to learn how to reverse park into a car Park space. I hadnt learnt this before as it wasnt on the test for rochdale, they didnt have facilities to do this. I got the hang of it but only got a few goes cos i had to do a test run aswell.

When the time of the test came, I felt sick. I took the test and on the way back looked down at the test sheet and saw I had no bad marks not even one!! The last manouvre was in the test centre car park and I had to reverse into a space. I knew the passing or failing of my test was down to this. The nerves got the better of me and I couldnt do it i just panicked, I had a quick go at it before my test and that was it :(

So I failed. was gutted. So i nearly passed first time without any minors!
Failed mine yesterday only 4- on moving off didn't look over my shoulder thats £75.50 gone. Have to book a new test:eek: