Guide to drilling holes in rear light cluster to remove and/ prevent condensation.

Undo the two screws fixing the rear light cluster, tip the top forward at then lift up. It helps to wiggle as you pull out past the boot seal just enough to enable you to get your hand behind to unplug the multi-block connector. If the cluster has not been off for a long time the rubber seal can stick to the body work, use a piece of plastic or wood to help prise it at the top.

Remove the bulb holder by pushing the two red clips sideward and lift out.

You will need an electric drill and a sharp 4mm drill bit.


Looking at the picture you can see the position of the holes use something with a sharp point to make an indent to stop the drill bit from skidding. Carefully drill through into the first cavity tip out any water there may be so you do not get any near the electric drill.

For some reason my back left had two cavities and right only one so check the depth of the drill to see how far it has gone and if necessary drill into the second cavity, you should not reach into the reflector area. I was told to just drill two holes, but I drilled three, one for each light.

Replace the bulb holder making sure the two red clips are engaged. Plug in the multi-block connector

Replace the rear light cluster first positioning the bottom and outside peg you may have to wiggle it into place and replace the two screws.

Finally check all the lights are working.