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DreamWeaver 8 Help!

Oct 22, 2004
The Mean Street's Of COVENTRY!!
Hi people,
ive done a web site(stored on my hdd) using dreamweaver 8, and ive got a free account with geocities, i have been trying to upload it to geocities but i get the following message in dreamweaver-

"an ftp error occoured- cannot get remote folder information, access denied. The file may not exist or there could be a permission problem"
anyone know what i'am doing wrong? i have entered all the passwords usernames etc..

where are you trying to upload the files to?

usually you cant upload your files to the root directory of your FTP space, and it varies what folder you upload to with different hosts as well, there might be a folder such as HTDocs which you have to upload to.
moogs said:
Have you tested the FTP outside of dreambeaver?
I.e. using IE for example - no remote path required?
Active or passive mode?

i'am kinda newish to using dreamweaver, i did a short course init about 6months ago.

when you mean have i tested it outside d/weaver do you mean when i press
F12 to test the page, if so yes it dose work
bhinderharminder said:
ive managed to sort out the problem, as i am using a firewall it was blocking my connections to the ftp server.

Was gonna suggest that.