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Aug 30, 2007
hello can anyone help can the engine management light be reset without going to garage and paying £40/£60 as car runs fine thanks john
Try 'resetting ECU' Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery and leave if possible for a couple hours :). If that doesn't work will need to go on a diag unfortunaltly :(.
thanks chrisuk ill try that next time also does it need the code for radio cassette player after battery has been removed as ive never removed a battery lead frrom a punto before thanks. john.
mountainmachine thanks for reply ive had codes read and the garage replaced both lambda sensors car runs great the light always comes on when parked on a steep drive at sons house this is the third time its done it after ive been there if i park there on the road it dont come on but i forget sometimes crazy or what ?
That is wierd, have you contacted the garage who did it for you originally? They might reset it for free, or see whats causing it to come back on.
thanks garage have reset it and had car 2 days leaving it jacked up but they cant make it come on so theve given up on it running fine not on as yet john
what car you got? punto 03 plate? if so might be running ok but fault in the EOBD system which you have to get sorted......light will go out by itself after 3 EOBD drive cycles but if not then fault is still there.
tkns moderator garage have checked and turned light off now waiting for it to come on again as the garage who sold me the car will book it in with a differant garage who has a better computer but their operator is away till 1st october thanks and hopefully new garage will sort it the other one gave up on it john dragonelle
thanks everyone for advice re 2003 punto engine management light is staying off and all going normal parked it on the sonns drive etc light did not come on so as the garage says if it dont come on we cant check it so well keep everything crossed.dragonelle.