Door Pods - 1995 Punto 55 SX

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Door Pods - 1995 Punto 55 SX


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Feb 8, 2006
Hey up,

New here, so hello! :p

Got myself a long term loan of my lil bro's Punto, I've not been driving long but have been a bit of a hifi geek for years.

I've already replaced the trashed HU with a brand new Alpine 9848RB, which is currently feeding a couple of JBL 6x9's on the standard parcel shelf.

I want to bring the soundstage forwards by installing some decent front speakers, I have some Infinity Reference 300w shallow profile 2-ways in mind.

This is my problem - I know I need GT door pods, which I can get from a Fiat parts dealer or scrappy, but how do I feed the speaker wires from the HU through the doors to the pod?!!

I've had a look and unscrewed the 'hose' which houses the elec window wiring but it looks like there isn't much room for extra wires - it uses a plastic male/female connector.

Is there an easy way to route the wires through the door, or am I gonna have be brave and drill some holes and hope for the best?? :confused:

Any help or advice appreciated!

And cheers for the handy old posts that helped me install my HU without blowing anything up! :cool:
there should be plenty of room in the "snake, you just have to cut the holes bigger either end. Drilling is OK, but make sure you use rubber grommets and rust-proofing, along with some silicon sealer, so no water gets on the back of the magnets...
i take it the snake is the 'hose' i mentioned?

I'll have a better look - would prefer not to have to drill as it isn't my car! but i'm sure my bro wouldn't mind getting his punto back with ready made space for decent fronts :p

where are the holes for getting the wires from the inside of the car into the door and snake?

when I open the door it's easy enough to see the 'hose', but i'm lost where those wires come out on the interior - is it near the top of the door or by a hinge??

never easy describing these things. ;)

i'll have a look 2moz and see if i can figure it out
you'll have to peel back a bit of the carpet, and there will be a fairly big rubber bung (about 3" round) towards the floor from where the hose is on the body side... cut that with a stanley to get through it and feed the wires up...

when doing my central locking, I used one of them net curtain wires with a hook screwed into the end to pull the wires through.