Technical Door Mirrors (internal mechanics)

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Technical Door Mirrors (internal mechanics)

Red Van Man

My Fiorino's a Qubo..
Feb 4, 2013
When I'd only had my Fiorino about a week, I parked on a town street and went for a browse, returning to find some thoughtless person had swiped the o/s mirror in the direction of travel, so bending it the 'wrong' way, forward.

Ever since then it has never sat in quite the right place. The pax mirror will fold nicely back when parking on the RH side of the road and click back to the correct position without any movement once clicked but the driver's unit seems to float a little and I have to move it out from what looks to be the home position so the mounted arm and the mirror are not perfectly aligned. The Bipper exploded diag I have only shows the mirror glass and mount (in no real detail) and the door mount plus mirror body look like a single unit. They are obviously two pieces. Has anyone taken these apart and if so, is there an adjustment or resettable click stop inside to do something with or to please?

Another thing re the driver's door mirror (electric in this case)..when using the remote to set the mirror correctly, there is never enough up movement when the glass is correct in its outward travel. Can the stops be moved on the glass mount plate? If so how is it dismantled to do this. I'm guessing at an x and y worm drive mechanism..

Hope for some assistance!

Jul 22, 2010
Hi R-V-M,
I sit with the drivers seat at its max height, and I'm 6ft in socks, so had the same problem, the mirror just showed me a image of the floor, and rear wheel. Solved it by buying a heated/wide angle mirror off Ebay about a year ago, had my dealer fit it, they charged me a £10er.
Now I have a much better angle of view both upwards, and even better outwards (blind spot) area.

Cheers Qube O.


May 12, 2012
I've never the mirror off, but would also like to know how it comes apart as i would like at some point to colour code the mirror shell.