General Door mirror glass size?

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General Door mirror glass size?


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Sep 24, 2013
I have a 2009 Lancia Phedra and recently needed to replace the right hand mirror glass, after a van whizzed past too close on a country lane. Looking on eper, the part number given for a heated convex RH door mirror glass, for all model years, is 9464243680.

I found an equivalent part on Amazon, which indicated it fitted both Fiat Ulysse and Citroen C8, so I ordered one.

The mirror glass fits i.e. the plastic bits on the back mate with the motorised bits in the mirror body but it is about 2 cm too short. It works but, given the car is left hand drive, it would be really useful to have a full size RH door mirror.

The original mirror glass is about 18 cm wide and about 13 cm high (it also has a nice plastic surround)

The replacement mirror glass I bought is also about 18cm wide but only 11 cm high.

What size is the glass for Ulysse door mirrors? Is anyone here aware of a part number for a heated RH mirror glass of 18 cm x 13 cm? Any ideas?

The attached photos show the new RH mirror and the original LH mirror

RH Mirror Height a.jpg

RH Mirror Width a.jpg

LH Mirror Height a.jpg

LH Mirror Width a.jpg