dont take this too seriously. but what ICE would you have if you could

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dont take this too seriously. but what ICE would you have if you could


Jan 30, 2005
Somehow don't think this will work........

my linn turntable on the floor passengers side.
my naim pre and monoblock power amps running from an invertor
and somehow get my tannoy dual concentrics in lower dash......

as I said, totally silly, but would sound bloody good!
I would do a van conversion and have 2x12" subs either side facing forwards.

I would put a 15" sub in either rear "window" mounted facing outwards (to the outside of car with sub visible from outside)

Have 2 sets of 6.5" comps in each door and another set mounted in the dash

Car-puter in the dash where dials are showing live data from ECU aswell as speed readouts etc...

Marshall JCM800 half-stack right up against the tailgate (fibreglassed in to the remainder of the boot install)

EDIT - oh yeah and a custom centre console with an 8" sub right between the headrests...
flash headunit, flash 2 channel amp and a set of flash components, wouldnt do any more, whats the point of filling your car up with stereo gear? its a car thats ment to take you places, its not there to be a portable stereo.

id rather spend it on home gear.
Well i'm a brand whore so gotta be lots of JL goodies for me..

Prob JL componants in front with a couple of *2 subs with some other JL stuff in the back maybe 2x12" and a few more speakers lol

Very technical :D
AppleSei said:
You bugger you beat me to it :D

For those unaware of the MTX Jackhammer see this video, you cant put it into perspective till they bring it in and Xzibit is talking! apologies if seen before

Seen bigger ;) Was a custom one off in lax power years and years ago - filled the complete rear of a mondeo estate - was mahooooosive!
Easy :) Get my HGV licence, buy a 13 tonne rigid truck and build my own club in the back complete with bar :)
i would have a big boot install with the most powerful speakers ever made, a big sub in the big hole in the dash and have visualisations projected on to the back side windows that go to the music (if thats Possible) dont know how i would fit it all in my little sei tho (y)
mtx jackhammers arent all they are cracked up to be-on a tremlab(what is used in db drag competitions) the one on pimp my ride did less than a single 12" sub that you can get for 200quid--personally i would have 3 15" re xx in a wall tuned to 33hz and powered by 3 velocity burning desire 2 amplifiers,or if i was going for all out spl then i would hav 2 RE Mt's that would blow away any of your dream systems,but the sq wouldnt be amazing-would probs go with the 3 XXX's-still blow you away :D