dont cry young people

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dont cry young people

I'm releasing the pidgeons of war on you..

My mates dad does better with his bikes. He has some old Suzuki 1000 (doesn't look that old though) which qualifies for classic insurance and tax. He can also insure other bikes on that policy so for about 20 quid fully comp hes got an almost new R1...
Dave try classic car Ins then you could prob pay for an old panda ins in loose chage :rolleyes:
dave said:
just re insured my panda for 1 year full comp only 2 years ncd on this one.

So just like young people, you are paying more than the car is worth in insurance...! :p :D
Dave is old, and his Panda is as well, it's worth about £150. Your Panda is worth a bit more and you are 20, so I doubt you'll get it that cheap!
i checked on confused for an amg 3l merc coupe and the quotes were around £2-300 fully comp :D but its gone now :(
well the AA only take 12 equal payments so £30 or so a month on there premium.
car was £495!
you know what its like in the banger price range,cinqs and mercs for the same money