Technical DOH! Hit Speedhump and now my Sub aint working!!

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Technical DOH! Hit Speedhump and now my Sub aint working!!


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Jan 13, 2006
Hi all.

I hit a speed hump abit fast the other day and my Sub stopped working..... I have disconnected all cables to the Amp and then re-fastened them all, but this didnt do anything, I took the CD Player out to make sure all the cables where still connected back there, and they was.

The power Light on my Amp is on so I know its getting power but the Sub is still not working.

I disconnected my rear speakers and touched the wires on my sub line-in and the sub come on, but was no where near as loud as it used to ( Amp disconnected from Sub at this time )

Anyone have any recomendations?
m8 i did that this weekend ,,it crazed me big time,,,but then when i went bac over the speed bump bac the way i came , was going a bit fast as was a tad upset that i had no sub working it came bac on,,,,lol hope u sort it,,, sure some 1 will help u ,,,theres a lesson to learn here ,,not to hit speed bumps fast,,,,grrrrrr lol
LOL! Yeah I was on the motorway - hit a pot hole and it went off once, hit another one and it come back on!

But it's not the case this time :(
lol ,,,,have u tried a diff sub,, on ya amp,,,to see if its ya sub not working right
check the earth where its connected to the car???

i have this on mine every now and then, hit a bump and it becomes detached as its only attached behind the lil hook thingies on the front edge of the boot