Dodgy Windows Vista?

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Dodgy Windows Vista?

Mar 29, 2005
NW London
I've been given a Laptop to repair and so far Windows Vista has pissed me off quite a bit and I've only been using it 20 minutes.

1: when I start up the laptop I choose a user to log in as and I'm immidiately prompted with windows activation.

I can:

a: use an automated phone service
b: Access the computer with reduced functionality
c: type in a different key

When I select 'b' all I got was Firefox. No Start Menu, No Control Panel No Nothing.

The network was not set up so I had no internet so I could'nt even buy a product key if I wanted to.

With much tinkering I managed to open Internet Explorer (Way Hey!!) and get the control panel and Network Management screens open. I changed the netwrok settings and now have internet.

I typed in the product code for the Vista that is on the bottom of the laptop and it says its not valid for activation and that I need to use an automated phone service OR use method 'b' above which I have already done and I do not intend to buy a key for one that should work.

What to do?

Laptop has a Windows Vista Basic sticker on it.

Apparently this is the problem with the laptop. Once I can restore full functionality its fixed.
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And? I just used the DELL one, ever though this is a self-built machine with an Aopen mobo.
My gf's laptop came with Vista and the only thing I've been able to do for the last 4 months was turn the computer on, log in, fumble around for the next 10 minutes, then turn the stupid thing off in frustration.
Trance, chat to me on MSN if needed - can send you whatever files you need.
So far I've Vista for day-to-day things and XP for gaming.

Once up and running vista aint that bad.
Stu I got that program to run in the end.

I get this message as soon as it does:

"Start the activator as to adminsistrator" but the program runs regardless.

I am using an Admin User account, I even right click then press the "Run as Adminsitrator button"

I choose the BIOS version, press on the down arrows and press install Key.......

Nothing Happens. Is this normal behaviour? Am I meant to enter a Key then press Install Key? if so which key do I enter? I tried the real key on the bottom of the laptop but nothing happens.

Security center refused to run so I cannot disable Defender unless someone knows a command I could attempt to enter somewhere to do so.

I get ACCESS DENIED when I try to run security center.
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Ah, forgot about this thread :eek:

What version did you get? One I mentioned?
No, Sept one is fine - if you look in My Computer, or whatever, you will see it is all genuine - and therefore safe to do updates, etc.
(y) Nice. Thanks again Stu. I would have liked to figure out what caused the problem on the other one. I read on several forums and Tech sites that when certain software is installed on Vista if invalidates itself :confused: seems a bit strange to me but this includes games with "cheat" protection that hook onto certain OS files AKA "Root Kitting" and I asuming its not limited to games but other software that behave in a similar way.

Now I'm off to the Battlefield 2142 for a couple hours, on my Windows XP!.. I wonder if it will run faster in Wondows 98se? :chin: