Do You Likie This T-shirt Or Not

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Do You Likie This T-shirt Or Not

Mrs. Dave

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Nov 3, 2004

If you was given this as a present would you want it or would you give it back to the person who gave it to you ???

Dave, you don't need to reply as I know what you think
Hellcat said:
Can I have it please? :D

Depends.. If it was given from hubby as an aniversary present then....

No it wasn't from HIM... :eek: I bought it for HIM ...but he doesn't like it :mad:
Hellcat said:
I asked first :p

Hope it wasn't bought for a very special occasion. :eek:

No, just a loving gesture :bang: i will remember next time
charlieboy said:
well.... im a div!!! ill have one pweez :D

if i got it as a prezzie, id wear it :D (y)

A beard and a 3 letter name next Dave,form the over 60's section:D :p

dave said:
when was last time you made me a cup of tea?:confused:

well you will never get a cup of tea from me in this life but carry on and you will be getting one very soon :eek: