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hey i've got a criminal record and i've had my dna taken and i'm not scum :p

i think its a good idea to have everyone on the database. there is only 1 valid reason someone would not want to be on it, and that is so they cant get caught, which is all the more reason to have it.

and before any of the americanized loonies say it, it wont mean the govt will clone you! why the hell would they want to, having 1 of you is bad enough as it is.
well thats my thinking.house/car gets broken into and soco is down looking for DNA samples.
same for assaults etc,surely conviction rates would improve drasticaly or will we just tag them as we have no prison space :rolleyes:
the really ironic part is that dna samples are already on record for previous offenders and they will be responsible for the vast majority of new crime, but you still will not see the police looking for dna samples at the average crime scene.

for example custard how many times did the police look for dna samples when your car was getting nicked and abused? you can almost guarantee that every single person involved is already on record, but they dont even try to use dna to idnetify the culprits. even if they do try to get dna samples the chance of success is very small.
never even got to soco. it took 3 days for them to come out when the car was vandalised in the middle of the day.
my neighbour phoned while it was happening,he went out but is in his 70's so they knew he couldnt do anything.
happened on sunday afternoon and they came wednesday night.just told them not to bother and go away
exactly, and thats a typical example, so i fail to see what difference a comprehensive database will make unless we use it.
been saying this for a long time, when born - DNA sample should be recorded.
I can't believe you're OK with this. The size of this database will be massive, its almost certain mistakes will be made when you collate that much information. If a policeman knocked at your door and said they wanted to search your house because they think you could be involved in a crime, would you let them in? I wouldn't, not without a search warrant, and thats only your possessions. I've heard the 'nothing to hide nothing to fear arguement', its rubbish, you only have to look at the miscarriages of justice that have happened in the last 30 years. If I have not broken any laws the police / government have no business poking their noses into my affairs. If the police ask me for a DNA sample to exclude me from a particular crime I would give it gladly, providing I have an assurance that the sample and the record would be destroyed as soon as I am cleared.
Imagine the cost of this database then remember the governments record on IT projects. The passport office and medical training system both cost millions, if you remember private data from MTAS was publically available for a while. I dont want those idiots having access to my DNA record. How long would it be before the government decides its too expensive for taxpayers to finance this database? Suddenly they announce it will be self financing, they sell the information to the highest bidder, insurance companies, medical researchers, private health insurance companies and the rest. A few months later you get a letter from your life insurance company saying they will have to quadruple your premium because you're a worse risk than first thought. Then your GP gets in touch, suddenly he wants you to move to another practice, he wont say why. It might seem a bit extreme but your DNA is your private property, keep it safe or they will use it against you.

End of rant
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Or another Hitler is successful invading these isles and wants to remove all "impure" bloodlines by using a convenient DNA sample database... :eek:

By accepting this it is a step towards Guilty until proven Innocent.
We will have to disprove our Guilt rather than prove our Innocence with an alibi.

Nah... far too George Orwell! :mad:
get a grip, this isnt tv this is real life we're talking about.
well given the acuracy of dna matching wheres the problem?
as for searching your house they would turn up with a warrent.theres nothing in my house that could be questioned bar the mess ;)
Jug are you thinking ethnic cleansing does not happen? Or that we live in a safe world?

I got a grip and I am a realist... DNA Databases are not good. Mistakes are made, the Police want fast clear up rates.

If you witnessed someone being beaten to a pulp would you step in and risk planting your DNA at the Crime scene and lay yourself open to accusations?
well given the acuracy of dna matching wheres the problem?
as for searching your house they would turn up with a warrent.theres nothing in my house that could be questioned bar the mess ;)

There has never been a 100% trial, so if we have more DNA samples the risk of mistakes are higher IMO.
so this database flags you up.
they then take a fresh sample and compare it to the crime scene sample
technology moves on and on. soon these sort of tests will be done very quickly so you could be ruled out or nabbed in no time
same with fingerprint evidence,not 100% but used all over the world and getting more and more accurate
Amen to that.

Said my piece... No from me... dont think a DNA Database would be good (note I didnt say wouldnt help) Its like thinking I.D. cards will trap people with foul intentions.

How about if someone steals someones DNA to put them in the frame?

Just another form of I.D. theft but with even more serious implications.
one day you'll remember that you feared a dna database, and you'll laugh.
I have nothing to fear Jug, I am an honest tax paying 37.5 hr a week worker on a good salary with no evil intentions to anyone.

I just dont think it would be a good idea.

That wont make any difference to anyone though, it will happen as sure as eggs is eggs.

Be I blind or you naive, we got it coming.
The only thing Orwell got wrong was the year! Every time we allow something like this we send a signal to government that they can get away with being as authoritarian as they like as long as they dress it up as crime fighting or counter terrorism or some other excuse, its called the politics of fear.
We don't know whats going to happen in 10 or 20 years from now, we could be subjects of an ultra authoritarian government. This database or ID cards could be used to oppress the people, knowledge is power. Remember how quickly eastern Europe broke free from communism, its perfectly possible a right wing or quasi fascist regime could get hold here equally quickly. You might laugh at the suggestion of another Hitler invading, but think of this, we could be growing our own.
Say NO to the DNA database and NO to ID cards. Someone once said 'I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees'.
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say yes to rising violent crimes,yes to rising sex crimes
I stake odds of 10 to 1 criminal offences will not be reduced by a DNA Database, but the fast clear up rate by the Police will. Then who will argue the case for those wrongly accused? 1 mistake is enough if its you or one of your family that gets done incorrectly.
DNA is not perfect, there is always the Human factor. Police walking the beat would help. Them actually coming out when the crime has just happened and having more time to investigate crime rather than doing paper-work and playing scientists would too.

No more on this from me.