Technical DIY Head gasket HELP PLZZZ on 1242 16V Mk1 Sporting

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Technical DIY Head gasket HELP PLZZZ on 1242 16V Mk1 Sporting


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Feb 26, 2004
United Kingdom.
Hi guys,

Ok, got a 1.2 16V Mk1 Sporting.... leaking loaza water and usual gasket worries at 94K. (50K of which I have put on in 2 years :) ooops)

I'm gna do this job myself, just getting a bit confused about how to do it. Already done the timing belt myself which was a success :). Sorry for all the writing, just making sure ive got it all sorted.......

Ok, let me explain and see if i'm right.
The cylinder head EXTENSION houses the camshafts. This is ontop of the valves and then the cylinders come next.
Ok, so the gasket I need to replace is the Cylinder head Gasket, not the cylinder head EXTENSION gasket correct?

From the haynes manual, it says to take off the HEAD extension, im guessin there is a silicon/cork gasket there which will need to be scraped off 1st.

NOW!!!... in this step it says you need a special tool to hook underneath the extension to stop the springs falling out??? is this needed?

ok, then you take off the head to reveal the pistons etcetc and the head gasket, and it is this which needs replacing??!

ok, any hints or tips when i'm doing it???? And do you really need to remove the timing belt to do this job ??? cz thats a pain in the ass job in itself :-(

So, i'm basically asking is there anything the Haynes manual has missed, or the manual says to do but is just being picky???

Cheers Guys. (and gals)
any reply would be appreciated :)
The head gasket is the bit twixt block, where the pistons live, and the head where the valves live. It contains the pressures of Combustion, water and oil.

The head extension with the cams in it only has oil in it and you are correct in assuming there is only a seal to stop the oil coming out.

Make sure the head is skimmed, and cleanliness off all mating surfaces is paramount. Get all the old gasket off the block before fitting new one.