Technical Difference in water temperature sensors

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Technical Difference in water temperature sensors

Nov 21, 2020

I have problem according two different temperature sensors
First is from seicento 1.1 MPI and looks like that

Second is from Punto I 1.2 75

Both are 2pin and negative temperature coefficient (NTC) and both are fitted in intake manifold. I can't find any data about theirs resistive.
Do they work similarly?
Can anybody help me?
Maybe they can be used interchangeably?
if you have both, I would simply measure them at few different temperature points and check if they're similar. one pin should be the NTC resistor (it will show a resistance value), the other one should be overtemp switch (it will show as open until at 120°C or so). the sensor body is then gnd.

i'd bet they're the same. do you need this to connect a water temperature gauge?
The whole matter is about:
I had a sensor from punto but later when I installed ITB, remap ecu (det3 in fuel implant mode) using sensor from 1.1mpi. Now, I want change it back to punto sensor.

I don't know whether it fit in. Will ecu receive from sensor correct values
it's probably best if you measure them, then you'll be sure. the internet (e.g. here) says it's the same sensor on both cars