Technical Did someone swapped the engine?

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Technical Did someone swapped the engine?


Jan 14, 2022
Hi guys!
Sooo I have 176 MK1 1.2 75... Yeah and as I can see I need a engine rebuild... And at the same time the price is high enough to just put another motor, but I want something like the VW and Opel 1.8 90HP. It's not much of an upgrade or something they are just much tougher and with a lot better cooling...
I mean I want something like the 1.8 90hp or something in this range... 1.8 to 2.0 max 100hp.
I forgot to mention I have 1.8 90hp engine from Opel wich is perfect...
I'm confused, the fiat fire engines are nothing if not tough, like all engines just needs to be serviced properly and they last pretty much forever..
Swapping for a 1.8-2.0 is just gonna end up making the car heavier, handle rubbish and be no faster at all with only 100hp to play with. 90hp from a 1.8 is pathetic!

If the engine isnt viable to repair i'd suggest dropping a more modern 1368cc 16v fire engine in - use a DET3 piggyback on the existing ecu to run it and you'll have a car that weighs almost exactly the same and has about 100hp, revs highly and more freely. The engines are really common and cheap and a DET3 is only £150 and simple to wire up.

What makes you say the P75 engine is weak and has poor cooling exactly?