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General Dials??


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Sep 17, 2007
heya im 17 and just got my first car! prowd to say its a fiat punto mk1 55 1.1 (white) i have been looking at puntos for ages and this one was a great buy! low mileage! 2 previous lady owners from new all for £450 + a kiss! <- my nan was last owner!

Right heres my question! i want to change the dials to rev counter, and better temp gauge but am worried!

if i buy a whole dials set-up from another car from the scrappy with added upgrades, can i just transfer my speedo with mileage counter over with the one in the new one? might seem a trival question but it is worrying me! i know how to change the temp sensor and rev counter just the speedo mileage bit worring me!
so is it just a case of swapping the mechanicism behing the dials over?
yes there is a thread.

its on puntoforum I think. theres also a guide on here somewhere (doa search).

yes you can change th speedo pod over from your current cluster to the new one.
but beware, theres about 4-5different design of dial facsia, so yes it'll fit, but might not match old/new dial faces :(