dented my uno rear door!!

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dented my uno rear door!!

Nov 26, 2004
southend on sea, essex
well today was talking to someone when i made the mistake of leaning on the rear door of my uno :eek: it is now all caved in and looks like some big 4x4 has wacked it! lol :eek: its not like a shallow dent only seen in light, its pretty deep, and has a kind of crease doing down the middle.

how can i remove this? would it push out OK? im annoyed :mad: i hardly even leaned on it and it went pop and pushed in :cry:
Bloody hell Beau! Try removing the trim from the inside and working it out gently. If it's creased it will be noticable either way, all you can do is push it out.
Try buying a suction cup off ebay. They are used for removing car windscreens but can also be used to pull out shallow dents.
I used one on my car bonnet when some bloody students walked on it and it pulled it out to an acceptable level.
It pulls like anything so with even more force I could probably pull it out but you only notice when you shine light at eye level over the bonnet when polished.
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Ah yeah sorry misread, damm a crease prob gonna mean a body shop or scrappy/repaint job, that'll teach ya for leaning on Italian steel :cry: .
forgot to post, i got it removed a few days ago, i did it by slamming the rear door and it just popped out, unfortantly you can still see a kind of crease small dent in the light but looks tonnes better, it really shows how flimsy the panels are! lol