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General Dented by a berk!

Jan 4, 2004
Fife, Scotland
Typical, i spent all day Saturday beautifying my Stilo and then parking my car in Morrisons car park and some div drives into me! And then has the cheek to say i drove into him!

How exactly can i reverse the side of my car into the back of someone else? Its impossible, i was going in into a space, and he was coming out of one across the driveway between the spaces!


Stilo came off best though, i've got very light scratching above the rub strip, and 3 small ripple dents under the rub strip! His 05 plate Passat will need a new back bumper!

Anyway how long is acceptable in waiting for RAC insurance to call me back! I've phoned them twice in 2 hours and they keep saying they will phone me back! Shesh, i wanted to get my claim in before said Gimp Passat driver!
sorry to hear that mate :( did you take some pictures?

have RAC called back yet?
Got a similar issue here, I hit the passenger side of my car against a wall trying to get out of my lane at the back of my house.

It needs a new door handle (£25), new rubbing strip (£15) and the door & wing are dented and scratched; had a FIAT approved bodyshop quote me £190! Got chipsaway lookin at it soon too.
The Saga goes on, not only could i not understand this bloke in how i could ever physically reverse the side of my car into the back of his......

Got through to RAC, who are a broker, they take some info, name, reg and not much else! Then say they are passing me to Highway who are the actual insurer.

I get passed to Highway who inform me that they are shut for the night and i should call back in the morning!

So much for reporting an incident ASAP, it's taken me 5 hours to speak to a person, and now they are asking me to wait another 14 hours until they open again in the morning!

FCUKing outrageous!
Back luck mate! Some people will try anything on, knowing full well it's their fault. A woman with a shopping trolley grazed the side of my car last year, whilst I was putting shopping in my boot. She had the cheek to blame me for parking too close to the white parking space line! So I managed to effectively drive into her at the grand speed of 0mph.

I hope you get everything sorted. Are you claiming off your own insurance, or entering a dispute with the berk's insurers? :)

I'll be asking my insurer to recover all repair costs from his insurer! Get it up him!

I've got to be in the right, i'll challenge any insurance firm or car manufacturer to tell me its possible to drive a car sideways when reversing at less than 5mph!
Did you have any witnesses to the accident? Same happened to my wife who was stationary at a junction when a car cut the corner and hit the front bumper. Other party claimed she had moved off from the junction and tried to claim our insurance. Insurance treated it as a knock for knock incident despite my daughter also being in the car(not an independent witness) and excess and no claims were lost. This is happening all the time because insurance companies take the easy way out and will not pursue claims because it costs them too much money.
Wish you luck!!
If it gets to it, submit a report with diagrams showing the manouvers both vechicles were doing, with front wheel angles etc. Back up with photo of damage and show that the Pissat must have driven into the Stilo and not the other way round. Provide conclusive proof that will make them find you in the clear. And then charge for the time it took to produce the documentation, sit on the phone etc...
AA are utter gits in my opinion.
After my crash three years ago they passed me straight over to Hastings. No fewer than seven different companies called or contacted me from solicitors to claims agencies all acting on the insurer's behalf. Upshot was that I lost my legal cover by going to a non authorised solicitor or something.

Car was written off by hastings, then AA automatically renewed my cover last year - because I didn't return the documents to them. Never got my first month premium back for a car that no longer existed. Hate AA.

Bummer about your car dude. I understand how could you reverse your side into his - he must have been reversing into you!
God I hate that Morrisons carpark, never look forward to parking up in there.
Now I always assumed that the person reversing out of a parking space would have to give way to any on comming traffic?
little becky said:
aw im sorry 2 hear that hun (n)

If that was for me becky, thanks :)

I really miss my car now, yeah I'm still drivin a Stilo (mum's) but i miss me yellow baby :cry:
sorry to hear of your bad luck. but get photos etc to cover your own back etc. I would take pics of the carpark also so you have info of were it happened etc, cuase i bet the other driver will try anything to blame you etc :( gits :mad:
Well if he was reversing properly he should have been looking out the back windscreen and both side windows!

I was told when learning to drive, its better to reverse into a parking space, 'cos your blocking the road to make the manouver! Reversing out a space you can't see jack **** to left of right until your nearly completely out the space!

Its also in the highway code that you must drive straight out your driveway, not reverse onto a main road!

So i've always reversed into spaces, i can't understand why someone would drive straight into a space, its twice as difficult to get out the space cleanly!

Anyhoo, i'm the kinda guy that'll keep needling the insurance firm for months until they accept i was not at fault! Get it up them!
Sorry to hear that dude

However, a similar thing happened to my mum years back. She was doing a 3 point turn in a road and as she's waiting to finish the manouver, someone reversed right into the drivers door. Person in the other car tried to sue my mum for injuries but the judge turned round and said "I've never heard of a car that drives sideways!" mum won the case & compensation for wasted time.

You should be ok, take photos of where you were and where he was

Can't believe the cheek of some people, reversing without due care and attention. what if it was a kid he hit? Hope you win this (which by the sounds of things, you should!)
Hope it all works out. if you claim via your insurance company, in a difficult case like this, 2 cars maneuvering in a car park, it'll probably end 50:50. You'll both claim it was the other and without witnesses and conclusive evidence.....
StiloBoy said:
So i've always reversed into spaces, i can't understand why someone would drive straight into a space, its twice as difficult to get out the space cleanly!

Good advice there, and definatly the whole main road thing is right. Not that I would want to live on a main road! In a car park I tend to drive into the space, particularly if I know I will have a trolley or need to get things in/out the boot.
StiloBoy said:
How exactly can i reverse the side of my car into the back of someone else? Its impossible, i was going in into a space, and he was coming out of one across the driveway between the spaces!

Sounds like a 50/50 to me. Both cars moving and neither driver observed the other. Can't quite see how that makes him a berk unless you are also joining his club...
Were you at all moving at the time of impact?

If the answer is yes it's a guarenteed 50/50.

If you were stood still were you in a legitimate parking space?

If the answer is no it's a guarenteed 50/50

Sorry, but the pure fact his bumper hit your metalwork DOES NOT make it his fault. That's simply down to timing, but both car drivers (from your description) failed to see eachother.

50/50... ;)