dealer able to match or beat fiatsupasaver

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dealer able to match or beat fiatsupasaver


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Jul 31, 2007
hi i have spoken to fiatsupasaver and they confirm that they are able to knock 10 percent off option prices for fiat forum members anyway getting grande punto definiteley want skydome,side strips,dual climate and rear tinted windows just cant decide whether to get white orange or grey,or multijet or tjet any help on this would be appreciated also several posts say mentio fiatsupasaver and dealers will match or even beat the price,which ones because the few local dealers that ive tried say that they cant even come close and the best price ive had was 10595 for a gp 1.9 as opposed to 9995 from supasaver thanks for your help
dealers don't need to beat the internet suppliers.
So the majority won't even try. All a dealer needs to do is get closer to the internet prices because they know people don't want to buy a car off the internet.

Usually irish cars registered in britain so are specced slightly different. Also you need to arrange your own finance and they don't as far as I know take part exchanges.
Also their is the dubious area of the 3rd year dealer warrenty.

They will try get closer to the price of fiatsupasaver tho because even with all these differnces poeple will still do the work to save a couple grand.
im in the north west best price so far is 9995 from fiatsupasaver for a 1.9 sporting plus he said hell knock 10 percent off options anyone know anywhere cheaper than this please
When I ordered my Grande they couldn't match the price, yet they did get as close to it as possible. Like "The Beast" said, they know people would prefer to buy from a dealer than over the intermaweb.