Technical Dead wash-wipe

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Technical Dead wash-wipe

Oct 25, 2003
In an earlier thread I mentioned about my indicators working when they felt like it.... they are now fixed :)

The car was taken to a local Auto Electrician and was diagnosed that the stalk unit for the indicators were basically knackered. Cost of a new one from fiat would be best part of £200 - just for the part :eek: anyway located one at a fiat/alfa specialist breakers and got it for about £40 :D and £50 for fitting.

I thought this might solve the wash-wipe problem I had, but it still wont wash-wipe. The wash works great... the wipers work great but it wont wipe when i hit the screen wash.

Any ideas on this.... was going to get the Auto Electrician to look at it but would like to sort it myself if i can :)

Really? :eek:
They missed out such a basic function on a car like the Bravo? The last car I had that didn't do that was a Citroen AX!
Having previously had a car where the wipers came on automatically when you used the washers I was pleased that the Bravo's didn't. (It's easy to do both, just pull the stalk AND push up at the same time)

Why was I pleased? Well putting the washers on and then they don't work (out of water, frozen up, nozzle blocked) meant wipers going on a dry screen. Agggggh Stop! Or you unintentionally touch the washers and the bleeding wipers go on and on Creak, scratch eeek "Stop! Stop!":eek:

Now the Stilo has auto wash/ wipe and I'm glad of that because it only wipes if you pull the washers for long enough and that is a big improvement. The wipers only go if there's plenty of water on the screen. Nice!:)

But the Bravo set up I'm happy with too so that's the way they are Sammiboo
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Bet you could bodge a Tipo system onto a bravo - if you really wanted it to all happen at the same time. I often try to use the wash until just before the wipers come on - so I can choose to wipe once rather than the automatic 5 wipes which often leaves unsighly streaks..