Technical dashboard doesn't work!!!

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Technical dashboard doesn't work!!!


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Jan 22, 2006
My Bravo 1.6 16V has some electronic problems. When I turn the key to contact position lights on the dashboard do NOT work (oil, battery...). None of the instruments work (fuel, speed, temperature...). I can start my car, front lights work perfectly and motor runs normally but the battery light is constantly on!! :confused:
Does anybody know anything about this??
Try disconnecting cluster for few minutes for a start,there was a problem with these,if that does not work check earths etc but start here first.
I was thinking to do that but I wanted to check with somebody else first. Thanx for the advice, I'll try that and let you know! (y)
Memory is vague(at best of times) but I have done this many times but cant honestly remember why,think it was to do wit battery light or speedo,sorry!
I heard that fiat electronic often have problem with water condensing on contacts?? Maybe that's the problem, ha?
This has happened to me also a couple of time..... Whatb I did was disconnect the battery for two second and reconnected it back and it worked no problem...
But this is not a solution, can someone tell me what is the cluster and exactly what should I do with it?
The past few days were very interesting regarding my car's dashboard! On Sunday the lights were miraculously (spelling is wrong???) fixed for a couple of hours. Today again the same problem, and again was fixed, and who knows what will tomorrow bring?? Mechanic was trying to fix it by light kick on the dashboard but of course it didn't work (very smart guy :cool: ) than he got another idea so he told me there was nothing he can do and it will probably be better to go to car-electrician, hmmm!! Problem is probably with bulk (not sure about that term) and that's why the lights go crazy :slayer:
I think!!!
let you know if i find out something!