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May 10, 2007
ARGGGGGG Yesterday morning I found my passenger door plied open from the top - about a 5cm gap. Nothing stolen as they didn't open the car.
Driver door seems to have an attempt on it, but no obvious damages. Seems slightls pulled out, by a mm or 2, but that could be just me obsessing now.

Annoying thing is it always happens in weekends. One time all the cars in the street had been scratched.
A month ago a bunch of kids flipped over a car on to its side.
Saturday night they smashed the glass of a car of my neighbour.
Saturday night someone smashed the glass of the bus stop near us.
And sunday night this **** to my car - just as I was planning to buy some engine parts... ARGG

Damn annoying, we don't live off in some 'gangster area' - pretty decent area, just off a main road. Police get all the complaints and no action done.

Car alarm + Surveilance for the front of the house is next instead of car mods :( (besides new doors which hopefully I will pick up today after work).

I use my car daily to commute 90miles and back. Bent the door back in shape - just a 5mm gap - had to seal it with garbage bags and tape for the remainding gap.

Just so damn annoying. All my life I've had cars and always stupid **** like this happens. Back in March 13th 2005. 2 days before my birthday and just 34 days after rebuidling my Toyota Corolla's turbo engine and putting new rims on, a guy fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the car at night. Ruining the rims and ****.
(Till today the car is not ready yet - his insurance didn't pay the proper amount - had to fork out around £500 myself)
To make matters worse, my Blitz turbo timer AND front mount intercooler got stolen from infront of the garage of the panel beater.


Hope to repair the fiat quick as I need to use it heavily these coming 40 days...
Serious bad luck there mate :mad: and I hope you get it sorted soon!

I have some horror sorrys to as I live just off a main road. One night I woke to a small group of young lads standing on the bonnet of a Golf GTI stamping the front windscreen, smashing the head-lamps and jumping on the bonnet while one recorded it on his mobile phone :confused: I mean is this what kids of today get there kicks from?

That was on a weekend also Saturday night I think... Again hope you get it sorted soon

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Re: Damn pricks

Yeah, I think uk has a proper problem with youth related crime. I see lots of 12-15 year olds drinking alchohol and smoking - I mean seriously - where are their parents. I used to go out when I was 14/15 (in Malta the drinking age is 16 so in the similar way 17 year olds start going out a bit earlier then the 18 age limit, we go out before 16..) and I used to get tipsy and drunk once or twice on my birthday and things like that, but seriously, I never took any joy from ruining someone's else is porperty. The other day I was at the mall and there was this kid sitting on the windscreen with his feet on the bonnet. He didn't break anything, and for all I know it was his mum's car, but SERIOUSLY?! it is a damn car, why harm a car?!
Re: Damn pricks

My original title was XXXXX as opposed to thieves, coz nothing was stollen from the car or of my neighbour - just detroyed for the 'fun' of it.
Re: Damn pricks

oh, ok. Sorry about that. Migh want to edit it from the DB as now each reply will say RE:XXXX
Re: Damn pricks

check the wires to your alarm weren't cut other wise next time there will be nothing stopping them.
Re: Damn pricks

don't have an alarm, just the factory immobiliser. Will be fitting an alarm after this incident.
Re: Damn pricks

my uno's doors were both pull, i can see dent where the object they used to for it open as it has dents in, the passenger door was slightly bent at the top but nothing serious. Just bent it a mm or 2 back.
but the paint has a crak in so i need to repaint that, luckily im smoothingthe doors so i can repaint it all!
Sorry to hear, i hate damage when other people have done it :mad:
Re: Damn pricks

that's just it, i found a good price for a pair of doors, not sure if I should buy them tho. There is no obvious dent, just the curveture is a bit wrong, I have already bent it back, and it is 90% ok. just need to take the door off and bend it the remainder of its way. There was a mild crack in the paint on the side - repaired that already too :)

So not sure if I buy the pair of doors and repair the one i have later and respray and sell. Or just repair it without buying the ones i found.

I still think for the price i found the two doors I ought to just buy them...

Was thinking of shaved doors, but I will need a mechanism to release the door then...
Re: Damn pricks

Well actually it wouldn't be that weakend, 5cm gap caused by a flexure of something long is a minimal bending. Besides when you bend a metal you gain strength and lose ductility so it is not 'weak'. And more importantly, at that part of the door, it is not like strength is a major issue - its job is only to seal against the rest of the car and enclose the window :p
Re: Damn pricks

just to confirm - your idea is to replace (that is my preference, having a confirmation or to just builds confidence that I am choose the best choice).
oh yeah, can anyone confirm that sporting and non sporting doors are the same?