General Damaged Punto for sale. Possible parts car

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General Damaged Punto for sale. Possible parts car


Sep 21, 2019
Hi everyone, hope you're all well.

I'll cut straight to the point here. I've owned my Punto for just over 5 years now. To this day it has been an amazing car and has never let me down. Unfortunately, on Sunday afternoon (19/9/21) some yob had rear ended the Punto at a set of lights. The spare wheel well has caved in from the right as well as the bit where the boot latch is. I'll attach some photos.

I was wondering if anyones interested in taking the car. I cannot bring myself to send it to a scrappy and repairing it doesn't seem very viable. The yob paid me on the spot so with that money, I'll buy a newer Punto

If anyones interested, please do let me know. I'm based in E16 London. Car is mechanically sound, still runs and drives perfectly. Always been serviced on time and in my ownership, has had around a thousand spent on it to keep it going. It is a 2004 1.2 8v Punto if you're wondering. I won't be a knob with pricing. I'm happy to negotiate or take offers,

Thank You