Technical DAB Radio upgrade for Fiat 500


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Mar 12, 2021
Hello Fiat people, I own a 500 (2016) and it has an analogue radio installed in the dash with quite a tidy screen. For some reason the other day the signal went belly up. More noticeable on MW where it doesn't seem to be picking anything up? Checked the aerial and that's fine. The thing is, the missus quite likes a bit of the old Five Live on the radio so she's a bit miffed.

A) Is this a known problem with the 500 and can it be rectified?
B) If not we thought about upgrading to DAB but can this be done whilst retaining the layout and aesthetic of the dashboard (same screen, no cables/attachments flopping around)?

Any assistance would be great.


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Jun 3, 2019
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Hello & welcome
I’m more in tune with pre facelift 500s myself but hazard a guess I’d be looking further at the antenna
It’s been documented that the seal around the base can perish and damp could get inside causing havoc
That would be my first guess! If by chance you wanted to chance another antenna base eBay is good just make sure you get one with the same attachments (look under head lining at rear below antenna)
Club 500 italia on eBay are very reasonable as they are 500 breakers

As for DAB face life cars (post late 2015) are tricky as I’m not sure what tech has been developed to go with the revised wiring maybe someone else can advise further regarding this.....