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Aug 31, 2003
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Ok so i could only find one of my 3mm spacers which i need a pair cut down so my uno tub brake setup will fit on, so pinched a second off alex22 the other day, went to machine shop today £15 cash in hand the pair, bargain, only had one with me so agreed to drop off the second tomorrow and left first with him, turns out my step dad had the day off to "tidy" the garage (aka throw all my car bits in one box and probably kick it around a bit) now where i left my 3mm spacer is now a empty space and it isnt in my box (although i do now have a smashed rear light... cheers steve :tosser: ) so what do you guys reckon i should do? :cry: it is practically midnight so im going to have another look before i leave for work in the morning but if i dont find it what do i do? go to the machine shop and explain to the guy whats happened or leave it in hope i find it or a replacement one? :(

:cry: Helep
Yeah bogo ones, basically what i've read (so long as i got this right :eek:) is the 3mm spacers need shaving down a smidge to fit inside the disc rather than outside it, to go between the hub and the disc, they dont normally do car stuff as they arnt really a proper "machine shop" as such just a random engineering place, worst comes to worst i'll get another 3mm spacer sourced off someone going to ace cafe :p but still :( dont know how to deal with machine shop about it just to disappear for bit and re-emerge when i have the second one or keep them in the loop :eek:
Thats a thing called Fridge Suck, where any small item will be drawn to an inaccessable place under a large hard to move item.