Technical Croma 1.9 jtdm out of power

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Technical Croma 1.9 jtdm out of power


Jun 24, 2021

I have year 2008 1.9jtdm (150hp) diesel Croma what has problem giving power. Mileage is some 280tkm.

In stationary it hard to get rev over 4000 rpm. And during driving does not accelerate at all if rpm is over 2100-2300. Like there is no any torgue/power. With light throttle you get it on highway speeds, but it takes time as revs has to be under that 2100-2300. In town, it accelerates more ease, but lack of power is there. But still, it eats more fuel than before.

I have checked following things (values takes with Multiecuscan).

- Vacuum hoses to turbo actuator ok.
- Actuator valve replaced to new one.
- Air flow meter in intake manifold cleaned.
- During driving, with light throttle turbo pressure is 1400-1500 while desired pressure is some 1200. Looks like real turbo pressure is little over.
- With higher revs when engine wants some 1800 and over, turbo gives only 1600-1700. Pressure is under desired.
- No any error codes

I have not checked vane actuator as it is in quite hard place, accessible only below. And for that bottom cover has to be removed. This is next on my mind during weekend.
Also i have checked only couple turbo pressure side hoses for cracks.. And there was some oil in there. Anything to worry about?

As bonus. When engine is cold (current weather here is around freezing), it feels like there is no anything wrong. But when engine warms, in some 5 minutes, problems starts.
Minor addition, it says ever 5-10 minutes that DPF is clogged. DPF status in multiecuscan is around 70-75%. This is only error code what i get.
Btw, Egr is disabled and blocked.

For me it feels like it is some turbo problem.
But I am littlebit out of ideas. Can this be caused by stuck vanes or is turbo itself giving up?


- J