General couple of problems..

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General couple of problems..


Jun 25, 2005
1. Juist noticed a loud rattle while the car is running, no idea what it is, i've seen on here that the 'flexipipe'? can go, could it be this? How would i know what it is?

2. the handbrake, i know theres 2/3 different cable, mine's appalling and i want to make sure the cables right before pulling the brakes apart or anything, its a '96 Preg sporting, which part number is the cable?

3. The gears, mostly they're fine, but changing into first is near impossible unless im physically stopped, whats that about :confused:

4. 6x9s. Wiring them up, is it feasible to tap into the front speaker wiring rather than to the back of the headunit? Basically cuz the wires on the back of the headunit look majorly bodged, and i figured this would be easier. Only set back i can see is the lack of fading from front to rear..

Sorry for the large amount of questions, i'll split into different topics if wanted..
splicing into the front speaker wires is possible but you would be better sorting out the wiring if its a mess.
hand brake cable,put you vin no. into eper and check yourself
as fro the rattle well it could be loads of things so you will need to under and look yourself!could be the exhaust striking or the cat heatshield being loose or plenty of other things