Bravo (Classic) couple of pics of Patch


a couple of pics of my Bravo Patch, named that due to her miss match body colours.. :eek:
taken today

this was taken a few months ago pre lowering and exhaust

and my boot install :D kicks a lil bit

what do you think?
the pics are decieving, the boot is a diff colour to the 3/4 panels

the wheels were bought like it, they are lenso evo 2's, polished lip with gunmetal spokes, split rim effect.

Sammi, im waiting for you to get some stickers made up o go with my boo ones :p

will be getting a repspray later on in the year, have all the dents and nocks taken out and kit fitted, got the abarth skirts up in my room and a spare tailgate in the shed for smoothing, just with a bit of a twist :D

cheers for the nice comments guys
I love your wheels, the install looks good as well :) Have to agree with Sammi that the abarth spoiler is your best bet, the other one looks like it's been stuck on the car as an afterthought. What's the exhaust like, have you found a difference with it? What colour are you going to have it done?
thanks for the kind comments again folks, maes it all seem worth while :D

the wheels were the only bit i was dead certain on, had been mulling over what ones to get, saw these in the flesh and new there and then id have to have them... gorgeous imo, and the only set ive seen on a car in the country so far. there may be some around, but ive yet to see them :D

the exhaust is purely a rage back box atm dont know if you can make it out in this pic too well, will look for another

this shows it much better, but damn shes dirty!!! :D there is a bit more of a growl, but will be replacing it with a full gazella stainless system before Brooklands for a meaty growl :devil:

the colour is going to be the heraldic blue with a special perl to give it a twist, freshen it up a bit, i love the heraldic blue, just want to jazz it up a bit
nice car andy m8,,,deff the abarth 1 for me,,,ps u think ya car is shady .lol mines faded so much im not sure if it red or pink any more,,,
i will categorigally state that any cadamuro (?) stuff is over prices, under designed piece of crap.

Does not do anything for me whatsoever. it's like a thin base pizza compared to a filled crust. if i may put it like that.