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Counting Pandas

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Jan 7, 2012
1325 Pandas on my list. Arrived in Italy today and Im delighted to see they hand out in groups. Im tyingbto invent a new game of Panda Yahtzee. Today I got 4 in a row, and 5 in a group plus 2 pairs. 2 169s on one side and two 319s on the other. We had two in a petrol station and a triple whammy a 141, a 169 and a 319 all in a petro station. Endless permutations for my innane humour!

We have a 319 GL and a 319 Hybrid Cross style on hire. I thought the hybrid was quite quick as it several times scooted off into the distance leaving me looking for a few gears. My son then said he had done the entire journey in 3rd.... SO the 1.2 was struggling a little to keep up in 5th to the hybrid in 3rd. Im hoping to sneak a go in the hybrid and see how it fares.

Its amazing how big a Panda seems when you are sitting in the passenger seat holding the steering wheel in bumpy narrow lakeside roads. Hopefully I will relax and enjoy it.... with itd shagged 3rd gear whining like made and steering that allows it to wander all over the place. I need ot check it has air in the tyres. It looks as if its spend a day or two in a big cement mixer and the state of the inside beggars belief at 25000 miles its pretty near ready to be scrapped! In the UK it would not be a saleable thing.

It may not be actually raining here but it looks ready to let rip big time at any minute!
I wasn't counting Pandas last time I was in Italy but I did take pics of Pandas , my best being 5 in 1 pic .
I could overflow the forum with the number of pics I have but this is my fiver . Lucca 2019 .(y)

Good luck to the white one getting out of that space . 🚙 🚙

Do you mean that the streets aren't lines with ferraris and lamborghinis??