cost of war in Iraq for americans.

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cost of war in Iraq for americans.

As Ime sure Ive posted here before a few bombs of the appropiate mega tonage and there wouldnt even be a country called Iraq.
christopher watson said:
up to now, the cost of the war in Iraq for Americans is...

$244,516,050,218 :eek:[/QUOTE

Last year on average every UK employed person took 7.2 days off sick which cost businesses £11.75 BILLION !

Last year due to benefit fraud it cost the UK tax payer £1.5 BILLION !!
To be honest i don't really care how much the Yanks spend of their money. What i do care about is how much of my money goes towards all the Scallies who don't work, claim everything and more, earn money on "The Pan Crack" and spend their time in the pubs and clubs while i'm grafting to subsidise them. :mad: