General Coolant browny, flushed & same again

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General Coolant browny, flushed & same again


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Jun 4, 2005
HG maybe? ive flushed all the coolant a few times and as soon as u top it back up it goes nice n brown again.

no creamy deposits near oil filler etc tho.

What we reckon guys? new HG needed?

MPG is ****e to at mo usually get near 300 a tank, glad if i get 240 lately.
not tasting it!! it smells, i dunno odd, bit like fish tank water. not oily looking as such. just browny. oil looks fine though.
Mine did this a few yrs bac - came back from 2wk hol and tank was a horrid orangy brown colour looked in and so was the water and it smelt funny.

Couldn't seem to get rid of it either - only time it went was when I had my rad replaced with an alloy one and a new expansion tank since the old one was stained.

I put it down to either rust or some kind of water bourne alguie (can't spell!) that made it the browny colour since it didn't coincide with any head gasket failure.
What colour is the coolant you put in ? :p

It's just that there are some that are brown.

Usually the coolant only turns dark/brown starts to smell funny if it hasn't been changed for a while. (years)
:yeahthat: Think every one knows oil is carsonagentic (bad spelling) probly a better way of testing is putting a drop of coolant onto a wet floor & looking for rainbow patterns?

Anyway, i decided to re-vamp this topic.. I had a look at my coolant its more of a orangey/bricky brown so off came the bumper, Expansion resovoir & rad for a flush - i took the fan & its backeting off before flushing. Fitted all back together and ah! poo my fan ain't working.. Think i got coolant on the lil'bugger.. - Any ideas on how much a fan would cost new? Am i just dodging the fact it could be the thermostat?
it gets near the red on the temp gauge btw and all 3 pipes & 2 electric cables have been fitted to the rad..
Had a look at my local scrappies in the 2 months the 2 black cinquecentos have been butcherd no rads :(

bad habbit from chemsitry at school i guess...

anyway, getting to near the red on the gauge is bad. stop doing that, you will kill the engine. new fan from fiat is around £60. to test if the swtich is faulty, ignition on, unplug the switch and bridge the connections. It should spark and fire up the fan. If it doesnt, check the fuses. If it does, you have a faulty switch. £10 from fiat.
Eakk.. I liked the sound of it being the fan switch.. No such luck as i persumed, bleedi fan is a deadon.. :(

Hehehe Ahhh Chemistry the good old days.. :p

Anyway thanks for that Arc..
Umm Okay.. tryed a few more scrappies & Motor factors, no luck.. My nearest fiat dealers is a drive away not to mention usless.. So? has anyone got the link for a UK Fiat part dealer please?

Many thanks,