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Components in Bravo


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Apr 9, 2002
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Has any one removed the standard tweeters from a bravo? What size are they? Looks simple but a bit of guidance always helps. Also, is the high pass filter for the tweeter situated on the tweeter or on the mid-bass in the door? For replacement components; Kicker KI57.2 or JLAudio XR570-CS, bearing in mind the JL's are twice the cost of the Kicker's. Do any other manufacturers make 5x7" component sets?

I believe they are 1" tweets, and as for the filter - forget about the factory one.

You can fit a set of 5.25" components in a bravo with minimal fuss, an MDF adapter ring of 12mm qill sort it out.

I'd recommend the MB Quarts RSD 213's, they are good speakers for the price (about £90)

any more info just post up!


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Devil, dude....need ur advice....

I've got a pair of Kinetic M-Axial 1X00 MkII tweeters 2 fit in my Bravo dash. They obviously will need some kind of an adapter to mount in the existing orrifice. Can these b bought or am I gonna have 2 make something up myself ? I'm pretty useless at that kind of thing !
They're 40mm in diameter if u need 2 know.

Any help & advice would b much appreciated. I'm not a real ICE fanatic but, these will finish off what I want 2 do 4 now.


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I'm picking up some MB Quarts today, can you give me info of where to get an adapter ring, as my woodwork skills are not brilliant.

Can you suggest an amp to power these for the future


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Just a post with regards to fitting tweeters in Bravo's. I've got a pair of JBL comps in me Bravo and it wasn't too much hassle to get the tweets in. I just used some thin wood (plywood will probably do) and cut it to a similar shape as the original mount for the factory tweeters, using the original tweeter mount as a guide for holes. After doing this I mounted the new tweeter on the wooden adapter and secured the new tweeter and mount using the original bolts. The factory grill then clips over the top so you'd never know they were there!

Think i've made this sound a lot more complex than it is, but it ain't difficult. If anyone wants a pic of it all then just shout and i'll try and put one up on the board.