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Nov 11, 2005
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Right ppl can anybody give me a link for stilo coil packs Yes i got the original sagem ones on mine and where the connecter plugs into the coilpack on the coilpack its self theres a little crack starting between the copper prongs i want the champion ones if poss tryed google but had no luck (n)
stripey stilo said:
whilste serfing 1 day i found some uprated 1's for stilo il try diggit up for you

Muchas grassyarse Strippy (y) my god mate you must be very agile to be able to use a puter on a surf board :D
PNL said:
LMAO mate this is better entertainment than any tv programe:p :slayer:

wat you doin up bit late in it or early u could say. is wales in a different time zone or sumat:D

i think were the only two awake.
stripey stilo said:
wat you doin up bit late in it or early u could say. is wales in a different time zone or sumat:D

i think were the only two awake.

I get periods where
i cant sleep so i get up soz not to disturbe the mrs :sleep: in Wales we call it the twilight zone :eek:
Just an update here. ive spent another fruitless few hours online looking for stilo ignition coils and even phoned a few places earlier to day :( yes that was just as bad also so theres gota be someone here on this forum that knows where i can get a set or maybe a link giving me some more info wheres Super Stroogle hes normaly the first here PNL to STU PNL to STU come in STU :cry: oh bugger it ime off to bed :bang:
hey found them but there just for the 1.2 ive emailed them to c if they do them for abarth let you know wen i get reply
What engine size? have them for 1.6 at £30 plus VAT but that's about the same as Fiat otherwise you have to wait for some to appear on Ebay

They had 5 Abarth ones two days ago on Ebay

I picked up two new ones two weeks ago for £20
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Those eBay ones are still there - they were relisted, and are Bosch [I emailed him first time round, because no make was specified].
I wonder what the difference is between Abarth coil packs and others. They have Abarth written on them?
No idea - maybe have a look on ePer and see if they are different part numbers?!
They have different numbers, I just wondered what the difference was.
An Abarth badge and charge £5 extra or is it something deep and meaningful?
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Well I loged on to shop 4 parts and completed all the nessessary and the search came up zero :confused:
Links won't work, specific to your searches...

However, I found them:

Fiat-->Stilo-->Engine & Fuel Management-->Fuel Injection System :)
Deckchair5 said:
ok thanks Stu. Link altered to search. ok now

There you are see decks judging us useless oldy puter users as useless when they have listed the part[ign coils] under fuel injection and not ignition and then ign coils :p and dont knock baby ben who do you think is running this P.C. :rolleyes:and after all that they are fiat parts [sagem]oh crap.