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Technical Clutch slave cylinder


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Mar 18, 2002
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Just a note for future reference. Recently the clutch hydraulic slave cylinder went on my Bravo. The new part was £28.00 from a Fiat main dealer. I intended to do the job myself, but out of interest enquired about how much it would cost for the dealer to do it. I was quoted a standard price of about £120! Considoring the job only took me about 40 mins max, and really isn't difficult I thought that the price quoted was a bit steep, taking into considoration the fact that a dealer would probably replace the part in less time than it took me.

Not too difficult really. It's situated underneath where the battery is. You only need to take the battery out of the way to get better access. It's a two person job really, just so someone can pump the clutch while the other can drain the fluid. The cylinder itself is only fastened with two bolts, so once drained and disconnected really simple to whip out and put the new one in. Then just a case of putting new fluid in being careful to remove any trapped air and thats that!

Haynes will take ya through it step by step I would think.

Mine drained over a period of time, unknown to me, until one day I got in the car and my clutch pedal did not do anything. A good sign is the warning light on your dash coming on, the same light that comes on when you apply your handbrake. Mine was flicking on and off for a few weeks, which I foolishly thought was the handbrake switch going faulty!! Lucky it decided to go all together when I was in the drive at home!

My 1.6SX has developed about 2-3 inches slack quite suddenly in the clutch pedal, and was quite difficult to get into gear this morning.
Does this sound similar to your experiences? Have'nt got a manual but will find the master cyl (where is it !?) and check levels....any comments gratefully received.
Sounds like it could be. Is the warning light staying on (the one that comes on when you apply your handbrake). The clutch fluid goes in the same reseviour as the brake fluid, kind of to the back left of the engine bay (i think :-/) The cylinder is dirctly below the battery. Looks like a small hydrolic piston, which it is! To check if its leaking get someone to move the clutch pedal in and out while the car is running. If it has been leaking you'll probably notice liquid around the clutch and on the plastic underneath the engine.

Good luck!

What does the clutch slave cylinder do?


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The bravo's have a hydraulic clutch, as many cars now do instead of a cable. The cylinder acts like a piston when you press the clutch pedal down. This 'opens' the clutch so you can change gear. You can see it directly below the battery.

where u get it for £28 just been onto fiat dealer coz local 1 wuoted £40 n the fiat dealer wanted £60 rip off mechants.
i think fiat must be doing a right good trade in these slave cylinders.i dont think theres one of us that aint changed 1.why they didnt fit a cable i dont no.
Where to buy Clutch slave cylinder

Hi every one, i've just signed up today but been regularly visiting the site. I've read all the posts on Clutch Slave Cylinder problems and that was where my problem is. Went to the Fiat dealer and they wanted £60 for it! Does anyone know where i can buy it cheaper in either lancashire or West Midlands area. Thanks very much.
i went to a local car shop got it for £35 exact same bosch 1 that was on before. lol its in haslingden if that helps u. its lancashire of end of m66. but your local car shop should have them, bravos are pain in the ar*e for clutch problems my thrust bearing n clutch was my problem but my slave cylinder was shot to.
The clutch went on our 1.6SX a couple of weeks ago (7:15am in the dark with a torch). I looked for a cable - according to the haynes ... Then read the bit about "some models have hydraulic clutch"

My wife (main driver of the Bravo) said "the red light with two brackets around an exclamation mark (!) has been on solid for about 3 months. The mechanic ay the MOT said that it was probably just a cable off of the brake pad or something."


I topped the fluid and bled the system and it was ok until today.

There is a LOT of fluid under the battery now, so I guess I had better change the slave cylinder this weekend. :(

so who wrote the manual about changing clutch slave cylinders?

Can i advise the following addition :?

"Please note, to do this repair, you need to be bit of a contortionist"

:) but it is done now (y)

£20+vat from shop4parts.
and £10 for a new rear wiper arm & blade.