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General Clutch replacement prices


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Aug 19, 2007
The clutch on my 75sx Punto started acting up last week, going slack at the end of the travel downwards and clicking at the same point.

I took it to a local mechanic and he took a look and told me the clutch had gone, so it needed replacing.

He quoted me £160, is this about right?

Also my windscreen wipers just went too- I lifted them to clean the car the other day, would this have damaged them? I was careful with them! Any ideas?
I was quoted £290 at Nationwide autocentre and £175 at Mr Clutch. I've got a sx 60.

My passenger side wiper seems to have some out of its catch thing after I lifted mine to clean the windscreen the otherday. Haven't managed to pop it back in yet.

£160 inc parts? thats not a bad price tbh, but if he does the clutch, make sure he fits a full 3 part kit.

Can you elaborate on the wiper problem? do they move at all? can you still hear the motor working?
Can't hear a thing, they don't even appear to be TRYING to move. They worked fine a few days ago. I even thought I was trying the wrong movement of the rod, but I wasn't.

The back wiper works fine.
Could be one of many things then im afraid, although none of which should be too expensive to repare using scrap parts.
- Possibly motor coils have burnt out
- Fuse has gone
- Switch on the stalk have broken
- Disconnection somewhere

Shouldnt take a mechanic too long to find the fault.