General Clutch Problem?

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General Clutch Problem?


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Aug 11, 2007
Hi guys,

Seems to be apopular topic on here so il leave my story and see who can help me out,

The lass just phoned me in a panic saying theres something not right with her clutch and theres a nasty constant noise from under the bonnet and possibly a strange smell

She says that the clutch pedal wont go all the way down when pressed, also as you press it down there is a high pitch 'squeel'- very high pitched!

The under the bonnet noise is apparently very loud/rough,

The noise is constant even when as the car is being driven,

There is no loss in accelaratrion or anything,

She wouldnt ellaborate on the smell...

All ideas welcomed along with possible cost of course, thanks guys (and gals)

Sorry forgot to mention its punto mk1 1995 55s i think?
cheers guys and gals,

I guessed as much, having seen it and smelt it! Its very loud and disturbing!Also When you put it in reverse it just jumps and stalls (even when peddle is down), so think a new 3 piece is in order, is it a difficult job? as in time consuming and thus labour consuming and costly?

would this be a result of quiet 'lawnmower' sound it made since august lol

I would say its difficult even though i havent done it, but the gearbox itself has to be removed ect, in a garage the price would be around £150-200 phone up a couple get some quotes. :)
I think I've seen £95 quoted for labour (£140 all in). It's simple and the box isn't too big (so one fella can do it).

Ralf S.