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Technical clutch got it done


Nov 17, 2005
hi my hard to push down squeaky clutch has been fixed today i got a new one only cost me £118.00 all in which i found was good
it's weird having a new clutch isn't it. My car has always had an 'odd' clutch but I put a new one in with the new engine. It's very odd, it feels 'normal' :confused:
Dear all,

I am a cinquecento 899cc DIY beginner. I try to remove the gearbox bellhousing to
put a new clutch kit in today. I follow the Haynes manual to remove all the screws
and nuts from the bellhousing. However, I can only remove a nut from the last screw
near the axle shafts; and because of this I do not have enough room to move the
gearbox away from the engine.

Please help! I don't know what to do.

Oh yes...I remember!

So you have removed the nut and all the 19mm bolts from the bellhousing (the nut is on the opposite side to the bolts), yes?

The gearbox WILL come out, although you will notice when you pull it straight off, that it fouls the bulkhead near the NSF wheel and wont drop free. It needs a lot of wrenching and pulling. I would advise using a crane or similar as its fairly heavy!

IIRC, you will find that the gearbox input shaft comes free first,, then you can wrestle the whole box down towards the passenger side front to get the stud free...its an absolute pig in comparison to the Sporting!!

Id also recommend removing the bumper and pulling the charcoal canister away to make access easier!!
Thank you, Tom.

I will follow your advice, and fix my cinq.


Ps. I am so grateful to find this Fiat Forum website, very helpful indeed.