General Clutch Adjustment + failure

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General Clutch Adjustment + failure


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Oct 3, 2007
I'm not very car minded at all and need some advice.

I've just had my Punto S ( Sreg 56k) in for a service + MOT.
Looking at the service (Goodgaragescheme) checklist, there is a tick next to:
Check Clutch adjustment an adjust

When I got the car back the clutch felt a little stiffer than beforehand and then began to give off a nasty griding sound whenever it was depressed. As I was in the middle of a 250mile+ trip I couldn't do much about it (mostly dual carriageway so wasn't using the clutch alot). However, having hit traffic and having to use the clutch, it just stuck in gear. Pulling over and calling the AA got the car dumped at the garage(afterhours).

My question after all this is: As the garage had just serviced the car and checked the clutch and adjusted, have they messed up and caused the problem? I guess what I need to know is are they liable for fixing it or is it just one of those things that happens and is unrelated to the work they did?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
There is no adjustment on the punto.

Dont forget those forms are a blanket form for all vehicles, not vehicle specific. The tech obviosly checked the clutch was clearing and ticked the box as that was the only check he could do.

Garage not responsible