Clio Bits for sale (unsure of where to put it??)

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Clio Bits for sale (unsure of where to put it??)

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Oct 11, 2005
Scarborough by the sea
dide no where to put it really but i thought i would ask if anybody knew of any1 that wanted to buy any mk1 clio bits from me :p

MK1 Renault Clio Parts FOR SALE!
Black Magic Rear Lights for Clio MK1 - £50
Saxo Style Spoiler - £45 will fit directly onto clio.
DTM Wing Mirrors with clio baseplate - £30
Rear Windows Both Quarter windows and the rear one. Limo black tint and Old Skool Scarborough Cruise Stickers! - £45
Full Stainless Steel Exhaust includes Decat Pipe with backbox and 4.5" inward rolled tip looked smart on mine and is direct fit to any Mk1 clio upto and inc 1.8 16v! - £170
35mm Lowering springs - £35
Shockers (i have 2 fronts and one rear cause the other rear was dead! only needs another rear shocker (there about 45 quid) and u will have a full kit!) - £50
Standard Clio Headlights! - £20
Standard Clio Rear Lights smoked! (if i can find em) - £20
3rd Break light Smoked! - £5
Laguna Splitter - £10
Clio 16v Interior - £50 Front and Back seats no doorcards and you will have to use the runners off your seats! should fit renny 19 aswell but dont quote me on that
contact me by pm , email me @ [email protected]

or phone or txt me on 07738518118

the seats mentioned here were not the seats in the accident, those were buckets and are now in car heaven with the car.

moderators/admin move it as you see necessary because i didnt no where to put it lol
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